Mountain Goat in a Cloud BankI’m preparing a 15 minute blurb for a sales meeting tomorrow. We’re having trouble getting CSRs to put complete information into the accounting system which makes it hard to do follow-up, billing, and marketing. So I’ve got a little bit of time to impress upon the minds of these people the importance of being thorough when it comes to data collection.

I’ve decided to use a couple of peices in my presentation that were provided during my most recent meeting of the Junto Revolution group. Rob Jeppsen, a very talented salesman and speaker and author, brought these out. Thanks Rob for the insights! I wish I could just replay the entire presentation for them.

This little cartoon illustrates the importance of watching your data. You’ve got to love Gary Larsen.
The meeting will also include a brainstorming session on the different uses of the information we collect. The sales department in particular has by far and away the greatest responsibility in the area of collecting customer data. They need to understand that they are getting this stuff for more than just their own use.


Minimal Processing

March 18, 2006

Sam Brown does a quasi blog of images at These are hand drawn sketches that are far from polished. They elicit emotion and express ideas. Minimal process – maximum message.

That’s why I want to blog. I’m tired of reprocessesing every thought that comes out of my head. That’s what you do as a communication professional. You’ve got to take someone elses message and adapt it for the right audience. Well in this case my audience is whoever comes because of what I have to say.

Just spitting it out isn’t easy for me though. I’ve rewritten this post three times already.