Good to Great Person

May 11, 2006

I've been reading the book "Good to Great" by Jim Collins and so far it has been a very interesting read. Taking a scientific approach Collins first sorts the sheep from the goats in large public companies. Those that are considered great are the companies with sustained much-better-than-market returns over a 30 year period. He and team have then done their best to identify what the differentiating factors in these high performers are.

One of the indicators is a Level 5 leadership. Level 5 means that the manager is extremely humble while being tenaciously devoted to making the company succeed.

I think Collins has uncovered a few of the core characteristics of what makes a great leader. Mia Hamm from the World Champion US Womens Soccer Team is one who is a Level 5 leader. Extremely selfless and at the same time a ferocious competitor. She is self-effacing and a humanitarian. At the same time she has cultivated a killer-instinct on the soccer field that rages. Mia Hamm

Successful entrepreneurs are cut from this type of cloth. They don't thrive on bragadocia but on succeeding and contributing to society. Alan Hall of MarketStar fame appears to be this type of a person. Greg Warnock is another Utah entrepreneur who comes to mind.