What Do You Stand For?

April 12, 2006

Big MooI’ve been reading “The Big Moo” edited by Seth Godin. It’s a “collaboration of 33 of the world’s smartest business thinkers”. The articles are not credited to individual authors so I’m not sure who made this point, but one chapter asks the question, “What do you stand for?” The author sites the example of Bruce Katz who started the walking lifestyle movement. Through standing for something bigger than his product, Rockport shoes, he was able to not only grow to a $200,000,000 company in just a few years- he had a great impact on the healthy lifestyles of a large group of people.

I’ve considered what I think my “big moo” or category altering proposition should be and I think I’ve found it. I am passionate about ‘understanding’. I subtitled my blog with the word ‘truth’ which some may see as a bit wierd. But at a core this is what makes me tick- the pursuit of truth and understanding. Can this go hand in hand with branding and interactive communication? I think it should.